Human holograms, anywhere

published on 20 July 2022

After having launched AiR Hologram back in April, where we've already onboarded hundreds of users, actively sharing human holograms between each other, we carefully started building towards the next milestone, reasoning that this should be just the beginning of opening up our technology towards more use cases.

We've since the start wanted to create a way where we could provide the proprietary technology we use in AiR Hologram to all kinds of businesses and organizations, helping them with new ways of digitally communicating with their customers. We are convinced that holographic communication will make up part of the way future forward businesses will interact with their customers. And to make it possible to start experimenting with holograms, from the start, we've chosen to excel in offering holographic communication just by using your smartphone or tablet. This has not yet changed, although of course we know that there will be a time that smart glasses, holographic projectors, VR-headsets and maybe even sheer lenses will do the trick, presumably much better and naturally.

The future of holographic communication, straight from within the app
The future of holographic communication, straight from within the app

But for now, we've got to look at those devices that are already in front of everybody's eyes, namely smartphones and tablets. Billions of them are in circulation offering us thousands of ways to start experimenting with holographic communication, right now. Learn now, be a leader tomorrow. 

That is why, as of today, we're opening up our waiting list on our new website, under a new name, Holoway Studio, where we'll be taking applications of businesses and organizations around the world, wanting to experiment with holographic communication, through an API we'll be providing to offer them best in class human holograms, with a minimal technical setup and a straightforward business model having a free tier waiting for you to start experimenting. 

We can't wait to discover how you will be using human holograms to augment your communication strategy!