The Future of Communication

Create and Share holographic memories & conversations.
Just by using your phone. No need for extra devices. 

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A new way to say Hi!

AiR stands out because you don't need to do anything different than what you're used to. Just start airing immersive holograms. 

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    Realistic 3D Holograms

    No avatars, no near-real personas, but exactly you. 

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    Immersive and intimate media

    Realistic holograms are shown wherever you are. As if your friend, family or lover is there with you. 

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    Easy UX

    AiR lets you make a hologram, without hassle: Airing a hologram is literally as simple as shooting a video on your phone. No technical setup needed. 

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    No need for an extra device or studio

    AiR works on mobile without the need for extra devices, pre-production studios, etc.. 

  • AiR you ready to bring back the 3th dimension?

    Simply download the app and start creating memories that will last long after you created them. 

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