published on 16 December 2020

In the beginning of 2020, when Covid-19 was relative new (dare we say this?!) , we quickly discovered that digital, in all forms, became quasi the only way to do things. In full lockdown, when you needed new cutlery, you needed to go online. And this became as true for communication:

'Zoom exploded, collaborative online tools & workplaces went mainstream and for all the world it looked like this was actually improving a lot of offline chitchat.' Although, after a while, when the novelty of intensively communicating like this, yelling at your screen for 10 hours a day became also part of the routine and the more people where turning their camera off: 'was anybody still listening?' Sending pictures via all socials gained another dimension as well: 'We started missing 3D, in all it forms' (pun intended)

In comes AiR, where you can create a human, realistic, intimate hologram, just as easy as making a video. Why shouldn't it be possible to send a message from you, as you, completely immersive and real? A mission we want to set forth starting today, as we launched our app and will try to find new ways of communicating in these dire times and afterwards.